WR-5100K Binocular Accommodating Autorefractor

The Grand Seiko WAM-5500A Binocular Autorefractor/Keratometer can measure refraction and pupil diameter simultaneously in addition to all of the features present on its sister product, the WR-5100K. It also has the ability to dynamically measure accommodation making it ideal for pediatrics and research applications.

The Grand Seiko WR-5100k is a Binocular Autorefractor that utilizes a unique, open-view measurement platform that eliminates instrument induced myopia, the natural open view makes it ideal for pediatrics.


  • Natural measurement of Open View Window.
  • Measure without patient awareness.
  • Easily align and position through Open View Window
  • Choose your visual target with no constraints
  • Natural distant and near point measurements
  • Reduces Instrumental Myopia
  • Measure for accommodation power (PD and NPD)
  • Measure patients with glasses, contacts, or IOL
  • Near Point Card attachment for objective Near Vision measurements
  • Focus Guiding System uses arrows that help in automatically focusing on subject
  • Auto Start option measures automatically without pressing a switch
  • Manual measurement override option
  • Prints results automatically
  • Wide range (S +-22D; C+-10D)
  • Minimum pupil diameter 2.3mm
  • Video output and RS232C interface capable

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