Staking Set- Self-Raising Arm

All-purpose tools designed for working on hinges, temples, fronts, shields, plaques, and screws more easily and with greater accuracy than with concentional pliers. The set of 15 punches and dies combined with the pressure arm and stand is a beautifully designed and finished tool for all standard frame repair operations, with the precision neccessary to produce a perfect job every time. Complete with 15 punches and dies.

 1) 44.102 – Center Punch- Sharp Point: Use to center punch rivets prior to peening and to spread screw ends to prevent loosening.

 2) 44.104 – Flat Punch- Blunt Point: Use to push out rivets, stuck or broken screws.

 3) 44.108 – Peening Tool for Small Rivets

 4) 44.110 – Peening Tool for Large Rivets: Peens rivets by pressure rather than by hammer blows.

 5) 44.114 – Piercing Tool- Single Pin

 6) 44.118 – Piercing Tool- Double Pin: (Standard 2.5mm separation). Piercing tool cuts clean hole in front of temple, even through metal cores. Replaces hand drilling. Also used for pressing out old rivets.

 7) 44.116V – Piercing Pins: Package of 10 replacement pins for single or double piercing tools. Screw off top for pin replacement.

 8) 44.106 – Single Rivet Setting Tool

 9) 44.112 – Double Rivet Setting Tool

10) 44.132 – Anvil Base: Used as base for all round rivets or as a holder for frame remover.

11) 44.120 – Round Hole Anvil

12) 44.122 – Oval Hole Anvil: Anvil with recessed center for pressing out rivets. Supports the frame while rivet drops into hole.

13) 44.126 – Solid Anvil- Steel

14) 44.138 – Solid Anvil- Nylon: Solid anvil to back up rivets, plaques, trim, etc., while pressing into place and peening.

15) 44.128 – Single Pin Anvil

16) 44.130 – Double Pin Anvil: Use with corresponding piercing tool.

17) 44.136 – Narrow Face Anvil: Use to back up hinge when removing stuck or broken screws.

18) 44.124 – Base Pin for Narrow Face Anvil: Fits in hole and is used to back up hinge when peening or center punching screw end to prevent loosening.

19) 44.134 – Frame Remover: Facilitates removal of punch.

Additional information

Weight 7.2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in