Red Blocking Pads Half-Eye Roll – 1000 28x17mm

This is the half eye version of our red neoprene blocking pad and is considered to be our best blocking pad. To avoid cutting leap pads for small eyes, this is the ideal pad and fits the new AIT/INDO block that is metal with a fused vulcanized rubber back side. This pad is our thinnest yet it has the highest tensile strength of all our blocking pads including the 3M Leap III which translates into less chances of slippage during the edging process. This pad cannot be used with old style metal blocks because the pad is too thin and will result in leaving marks on the front side of the lens or cause cracking of the AR coating. This is considered to be our best pad for AR coated lenses to avoid slippage and should be used in conjunction with our Slip Stop Edging Tape Clear part# 42125. Our full eye versions of this pad are part# 42150 in rolls of 1000 and part# 42148 in rolls of 2000.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in